InWin A1 Plus Black Mini ITX Chassis

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A1 PLUS: Feel its Appeal


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SKU: CH-IA1PK+650 Categories: , Tags: ,

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InWin A1 Plus Black Mini ITX Chassis



InWin A1 Plus Black: Feel its Appeal

Addressable RGB Lighting
Sirius Loop ASL120 Fans Included
Qi 1.2 10W Charging Panel

Expression Through Lights

Personalize your rig with addressable RGB modes! The A1 PLUS features a tinted transparent stand and the addressable RGB lights pierce through to create an awesome lighting experience.


Loop in More Color!

The InWin A1 Plus Black comes with two complementary Sirius Loop ASL120 fans. The matte black structure is fitted with dual radiant addressable RGB loops. The circular RGB outline is presented on both sides of the fan so lighting is present no matter the fan placement.


*Included RGB controller allows fans to light up without an addressable RGB motherboard.

*Please make sure your motherboard supports addressable RGB lighting.


Top Panel Wireless Charger

The InWin A1 Plus Black convenient top wireless charging station is now compatible with WPC Qi 1.2. It now emits 10W of power to strengthen the charging capacity to Qi enabled mobile devices and gaming mice.


Squaring Infinite Possibilities

The square structure provides a hassle-free installation, and the capacity to house powerful hardware in its Mini-ITX form. The InWin A1 Plus Black supports a CPU heatsink height up to 160mm and accommodates up to 320mm length graphics cards.